I admit it, I am a geek. I am an avid fan of anime, gaming, fantasy, and everything in between. As a project for school, I decided to look at my favorite genres and the media that they use.

Or more simply put, which do you like better? The movie, book(s), or game? We have all been there… We simply loved a book, and when the movie came out we just had to see it! Perhaps we are a fan of a particular game which resulted in a movie. Did a movie pique your interest enough for you to plunge into the books, only to find that they did not quite live up to expectations?

These are some of the things that I want to look at. I will be giving my opinion on movies, books, and games and how they lived up to the crossover to a different media.  I would love to see what you all think too!



As I mentioned earlier, I gravitate to all things geek. I love to write, read, watch, and video game (albeit rather poorly). As I pursue my interest with my peers, I am always fascinated by how much opinions differ when it comes to titles changing over from their original media. While some simply loved the movie, others swear the books were better!

Why is this? What made a particular media more appealing to the user? This is what I want to explore. I will post opinions, conduct surveys, and moderate comments on favorite titles that have cross-over from one media to another.


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