And now for something completely different…

Sorry, one might think that given my topic headline I was going to write about Monty Python (one of my favs), but alas I am going in a new direction.

I am going to change gears here for just a bit and look into the future. What can we look forward in respect to a media change for some of our favorite series? For me, I am looking forward to a movie adaptation of the Silo series, more specifically the story line that started it all “Wool.” Yes, that right, I am looking forward to a movie of one of my favorite series.

The Silo series started out with a humble beginning. Hugh Howey began it all with a short story titled Wool. Instead of going through the traditional publishing route, he opted for using Amazon’s Kindle Direct publishing. The story was a success. Through word of mouth, it sold over 140,000 copies in under six months. As Howey’s audience screamed for more, he complied. There have been three major arcs with nine books total. Each has done very well.

The Silo series takes place on Earth. The time is in a post-apocalyptic future. As humanity struggles to survive in subterranean silos, we get to follow along with the characters as they discover the mysteries that surround the Silos and the outside world. It is a gritty story line full of cliffhangers and is a very engrossing read.

I became excited about this becoming a movie really for one reason… Nicole Pearlman. Many of you may recognize this name. She co-wrote the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. I found Guardians to be very well done and I hope that she is able to produce a similar success with Wool. Given the nature of the books, I will be curious to see how well the adaption goes. Pearlman is aware of how the books are read and concedes “At first glance, it might seem more suited to a television series with lots of cliffhangers, due to the episodic nature of the chapters. Regardless, finding a way to honor the source material while still creating a journey that feels satisfying within the space of 90 minutes is the goal, and I can only hope that I do Juliette’s story justice.” For the record Juliette is the main character. Let’s hope Pearlman succeeds with this exciting series!



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