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OK, if you have read my blog post in the order I posted, you may be wondering if there are any movies that get my stamp of approval as they have transitioned from another media. Yes, there are plenty. Now, I will say that movies there are not many that have transitioned from video games that I am very fond of, but only because they were so faithless to the original content. One book comes easily to mind as both one of my favorite reads and favorite movies. It is the Princess Bride.

To be honest, I was a huge fan of the movie before I ever discovered the book.  The movie was entertaining. I embraced the story line. I loved the characters, both in the story and the characters who are reading it. The humor and timing was absolutely fantastic. It passed the “Do I find myself quoting the movie” test a hundred times over. This film will always be one of my favorites and I will always stop to watch it if I happen to see it come up as I am channel surfing.

Let me backtrack for just a minute to give you an overview of the story, just in case you have not been fortunate enough to read or view it in the past. The story of the Princess Bride is being told by a Grandfather to his sick Grandson. While most of the movie is relating the story, there are some timely flashes to the Grandfather and Grandson talking about the book. The story itself revolves around the romance of Buttercup and Westley. When Westley does not return from pursuing his fortunes, Princess Buttercup is set to wed Prince Humperdink. The story relates events after this betrothal. I really don’t want to say anymore, because you really need to see this for yourself! 

Sometime after watching the movie, I discovered the book while browsing the shelfs of my local Books-A-Million. At first I was excited. But as I walked with the book in my hand to the cash register, I started to feel a bit apprehensive. Suppose the book didn’t live up to my expectations (what a switch right)? Or could the book be even better? There was only one way to find out. So the reading commenced.

Yes, there were some differences. The switching between the story line and the readers was a bit different. There was some difference is details as well, but I can live with Zoo of Death. But overall, the book was incredible. I found myself reading it in a flash and found that I enjoyed it every bit as much as the movie.

Yes! It can be done. Stories can transcend media types. If the producers of the media type can stay true to the original story that is a huge starting point. The Princess Bride did this so well.  When I look at this title, it gives me hope for other titles as well. Surely there are other gems like this out in the world waiting for me to discover.



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