Doom Vs The Rock!


Doom is one of the classic video games! It can be considered the grandfather of all first-person shooters. It is the game that invented the rocket jump! Now granted, Castle Wolfenstein did come out a year before Doom, but most everyone considers the gameplay, graphics, and overall polish of the Doom superior. Both were made by Id software who later went on to release Quake which is consider the first true 3D first-person shooter (FPS). Yes, it has poor graphics, but what else can you expect from a game that was made in 1993. The game itself had almost no plot, but there was enough to say it had one. It was insanely popular.  So, like always we will talk about the original game and go into what made it great then why the film was not anything as good as the game was before.

First, Doom has several titles under its’ name and remakes which are also amazing! This gaming franchise really is one of a kind. Now, there is not much in terms of story to the game, but there is one. You are fighting against demons on Mars. Yes. Mars and demons. Nothing better, but that isn’t the best part. You are trying get rid of every single one of those demons. Then somehow through the course of the game you end up in hell. Why Mars? Why hell? Because people tried harnessing the power from hell. It is a wild ride for sure. The story is not that important though, it’s a shoot ‘em up game. However, what does this game have? Atmosphere! You are literally in a terrifying area trying to take care the forces of evil. It is thrilling, exciting, DOOM!! Doom is upon you and you know it!

Richard Cobbett, in an article said that Doom is of course a masterpiece of level design. He even goes on to praise how the visuals are amazing, and I agree. Did they age well? No, of course not, because this game was made in 1993 and hardware limitations had to be taken into consideration. However, it is still thrilling and amazing to see now in 2017. I had required a copy of Doom where it has both the original game and the reboot of it. Now, the reboot does it justice, mainly because it adds faces and helps focus on the story, but it is still Doom where you shoot the enemies up with bullets. The game does not disappoint.

Finally, the music is amazing. Cheesy? Yes. Awesome? Oh, hell yes! It is just a masterpiece! I enjoy the game. I cannot express how utterly amazing this game is. Good work! With that, we can all agree it really is one classic game with amazing first person shoot mechanics. As one reviewer says: It’s a game that understands the raw essence of the first-person shooter on a fundamental level, and presents itself in every new way it can through every moment and mode it has. It delivers, it explores, and it never, ever stops. This game is simply one of a kind and simply cannot be replicated.

But you know what always happens to popular games? Turns into a movie eventually. So, let’s look at this other flop which provides nothing positive to the game.

You all are wondering if the movie does this amazing first person shooter game justice? If I’m writing about it, probably. Then what did it do? You may wonder what I will say about this movie that I have sadly seen two times. To defend myself, one time was with a friend who said she liked the movie (I was young and naïve, forgive my gaming sins) and the other time was to accurately tell you why this move is so bad on ninety different levels. But the one good thing about it, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Was it his best role? Nope. Not even. However, he was in there being an action star.

Yet, not even The Rock could make this film good. First, it was nothing like how the game was. They tried giving it a boring generic story with bland characters. They were simply trying to do a crash grab. It was popular, well not like most games we will be discussing, but it had the makings of what could be a great action flick. So, what happened? Everything. Boring story. Boring characters. The biggest crime about it is that there is no relationship between the game other than the title. Yes, much like Resident Evil the title is the only thing still attached to it. First off, the story does not involve demons like we all thought it would be. It is something involving humanity evolving and how there are good and evil aspects and all sort of complex stuff that does not need to be there. It is a mess of a movie and does not need to be there at all. It isn’t even a good action movie. It’s boring and focuses on pointless stuff.

It is not until the climax of the film that we get what we want: the game. Literally in the last portion of the movie do we see the game literally come to life, albeit poorly. This is an insult. They can’t do it justice so they had to give us some game aspect to satisfy some meager portion of our expectations.  Of course, this was the best part of the movie because it brings up something that was from the game. Granted it was a bad version, however it makes you want to see how the original game really does differ from the movie. I will provide a little clip of it for you. However, it does not make up for terrible movie. It does not make everything good. This movie is a shell of disappointment much like the some of the other movies on this blog. It does nothing to the source material and if anything tears it apart.

I mean, how can you go wrong with fighting demons from hell? Clearly a lot with this movie. It is nothing like the game and if you want to see a good action flick then I suggest seeing something that is action packed, cheesy, and overall awesome, Kong Skull Island for example. At least with that movie you can expect awesome monster fights and rather gruesome deaths.


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